Put On Appropriate Outfits For The Occasion

If you want to be known for your impeccable fashion sense, you must dress appropriately for the occasion.

If you’re dressing for work, for example, pay attention to how those in management roles dress. You don’t need to copy them, but noticing a few key elements in their style can add a lot to your own office attire.

It’s almost as if you’re dressing for the role you want to advance to, which, believe it or not, can make your boss consider you more seriously. It may even help you advance in your career!

Don’t be afraid to wear bright colours.

Yes, wearing neutral colours can help you to mix and match without effort, but having a few colourful pieces adds a real twist to any wardrobe! Dare to experiment and find some colours that make your entire personality pop if you want to improve your dressing sense.

Buying items with colour may be awkward and uncomfortable at first, especially if it’s not something you usually wear… Still, it can be fun to incorporate new colours into your daily outfits (even if it’s just by wearing some pastel!).

You Should Take Care of Your Shoes

Shoes are also an important part of your overall look. Carefully selected shoes may dress up a casual clothing to appear more dressy, or make a fancy outfit more casual – depends on what you require!

If you don’t want to accumulate too many pairs of shoes, buy two high-quality pairs: one for special occasions and the other for everyday use. You can then easily mix and match them with a variety of outfits to dress up or down as needed.

Buy Good Quality

To develop a good dressing sense, practise scouting for high-quality stuff (which is not necessarily expensive if you know where to look for).

Buying good quality can have an immense impact on your whole look. Not only do such items last longer – better materials tend to have that “quality” feel to them, which instantly adds more weight to the whole look.

Make Sure You Have The Right Fit

I used to think that skipping trying clothes on is great (“I will return it later”… never returns it, cries, then donates), yet it can significantly impact your dressing sense and how your fashion appears in the public eye.

If the clothes do not fit right, they can look sloppy and show that you don’t care about yourself – and I’m not sure anyone would like to be seen as that. Make sure to try things on before you decide to buy the item. Try to find a fit that is not too tight and not too large or something that emphasises your features instead of overwhelming them.

Beautiful brunette woman in dress and stilleto shows as an example of good dressing sense

Begin with the fundamentals.

If you’re just starting to develop your unique dressing sense, it might feel a little hard at first. That’s fine! You can begin with the fundamentals.

Having a few key pieces in your collection that you can mix and match with any outfit is vital. Button-down cotton shirts in a variety of neutral colours are among these items (like navy, beige, gray, and white). Cardigans and pullover sweaters are more versatile staples that may be worn with any ensemble.

Plaid and gentles patterns are also safe, “basic” pieces that you may play about with until you’re ready to branch out.


Accessorizing your wardrobe has a big impact on how you look, and looking for pieces you enjoy is one of the finest ways to improve your style.

Simple accessories, such as trendy timepieces and elegant belts, will elevate your ensemble, and you can lose yourself in accessory stores for hours (it’s a great way to clear your thoughts!).