Trainer Suggests the Most Effective Exercises for Toning Up for Beach Season

You may be wondering about long, lazy days at the beach right now, as winter is about to be over—hallelujah! You can’t go wrong with thinking about and preparing for swimsuit season right now. Spring getaways and beach holidays are a great time to get your body and mind in shape for a great time. It’s never too late to improve your lifestyle. Anna Victoria, a NASM-certified trainer and the founder of the Fit Body App, provided us with five of the most effective exercises you can perform to prepare for that wonderful time in the sun during the next beach season.
A combination of compound techniques and high-intensity workouts is the best way to get the most out of your training, according to Victoria of ETNT. Keep in mind that a calorie deficit is necessary for most people to experience visible physical effects and lose weight. These activities will strengthen your body.”
Your workout program will have to kick up a notch, so you’ll need to incorporate these activities and be aware of your caloric consumption. Let’s get started with Victoria’s top five favorite workouts. Check out the exercises for yourself below, and then read about the Trainer’s Picks for the 6 Best Arm Exercises in 2022.

Squat and press

The quads, glutes, shoulders, hamstrings, and core are the primary targets of this workout. According to Victoria, squatting down “in a controlled manner” is the first step in this workout. Then, go crazy. With your core engaged, lift the dumbbells over your head as you rise.

Bicep Curls and Lunges

Using this exercise will target your quads, glutes, hip flexors, biceps, and core. During the lunge back, Victoria directs, “Curl the dumbbells to your shoulders.” Avoid shrugging your shoulders as you perform this exercise. It’s critical that your ears not touch your shoulders when wearing a headband. As you curl the dumbbell upwards, make sure you only use your biceps. Make sure your knees don’t extend further than your toes when you lunge back. Also, remember to exhale as you step back to curl and inhale as you stand when you’ve finished.

Push-Ups and Burpees in one.

Push-ups, which work the arms and core, are included in this full-body workout. Your heart rate will be raised as well!
According to Victoria, starting with a high plank posture, you’ll then perform a push-up on either your knees or feet. Push-ups can also be done on an incline bench if that’s more convenient for you. When doing push-ups on your knees is too easy, but doing them on your feet is too difficult, Victoria recommends using a bench. Return to a standing position and then perform a high jump. Breathe during the entire process.

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